We have spoken to hundreds of event professionals and here is what they said about how they use Joi.

Freelance event professionals

"I can do more"

Getting up and running with clients and getting a team together to deliver an event has never been easier.

From the get go we are all on the same page. Using Joi in planning meetings is a dream and reduces time in meeting preparation and post meetings updates.

And I can see all my clients in one home screen... that's a life-saver by itself.

The fact it works on mobile means I can deal with planning changes anywhere and when I am on-site I don't have to print out run sheets for everyone, they automatically have it on their phone.

Event management companies

"Better client service, better team management"

Joi is all about collaboration, and that is important for clients as well as in the team.

Who is doing what is easy to check, progress on event planning is also easy to check, and, if for any reason, the event lead is no longer available to work on the project I it easier to transition.

Clients get a great experience, they no longer have to fiddle about in spreadsheets to build a program, and because the program is synced to the on site schedule we don't get caught out with changes.

Post event you can close the event but still have access to all the information. If your client wants to do the event again just hit 'duplicate'.

Marketing departments

"Saves so much time"

Time is our most precious commodity and Joi gives us back time. Whether we delivery the event ourselves or hand it over to an agency Joi makes it so much easier to manage the whole process.

From one interface I can see all our events and know what I see is up to date without anyone having to double hand any information. So we finally have an event calendar that we can share with sales... effortlessly.

We can schedule events for the whole year if we want as well as see a complete history of our past events.

But best of all Joi brings the event to life, makes it seem real from the start, which ultimately leads to a better audience experience.

Charities, Government and NFP

"Looking after the volunteers"

Many events rely on a big volunteer workforce. Volunteer organisers, presenters, performers and on-site staff. We owe it to them to make their jobs as easy as possible... and that is where Joi comes in.

We can have has many people as we want in the workforce, which means it is so easy to keep everyone up to date, let everyone know what they need to do and make it easy for them to do it.

Best of all though is that they really feel like part of a team and can share in the success of the event.

Coming Soon

  • Calendar integration with MS Outlook, Google and Apple
  • Performer/Speaker Management
  • Budget Management
  • Check-in scanning