Building your Event App in Joi

Quickly and effortlessly build an event app in Joi

the app under 3 minutes

You can create a beautiful app in under 3 minutes

So apps are no longer just for the big budget events, you can use them on all event

  • Internal conferences
  • Incentives
  • Famils
  • Training ( great for collecting evals )
  • Community events
  • Festivals
  • Board Meeting ( great for distributing papers etc )



It does what you needed

The Joi Event App has all the most used features

  • Access control
  • Homepage, branding, sponsors, general information
  • Program / my agenda
  • Push Notifications
  • Evaluation forms and feedback
first step

Install the app

Go to your app store and install: Joi Events

activate your app

Set up

In the left hand nav bar click Event App

In the event app table click Create App

In the pop up, give you app a name

Note: This is the name you will use to find the app in Joi Events so in must be unique

Name not unique

If the name you choose is not unique you will get an error message

5 simple steps

  1. Design: Choose colours, fonts and images etc. for your app
  2. Configure: Select what will appear in the app
  3. Access: Set terms of access
  4. Activate: Send your app live
  5. Share: Copy and share the access instructions


Click on the design options to either select from saved  assets or upload new assets

Once selected the assets display in the design tab

Then go to configure

Configure: The hard work has been done

The program, performers, sponsors and exhibitors are already formatted for you…so you don’t have to do a thing there

Just add content to the home page

Display options

This is where you can change the information that displays in the app as well as change the names of the tabs

Configure: App home screen

On home screen you can

  • Add header and footer images
  • Add copy
  • Add slider images with links
  • Add social links
  • Add footer links

Access: Open to all

There are three levels of access for the app

Level one: Open to all, simply enter the app name

Access: Password protected

The second level is restricted: Create a password, and after the user has entered the app name they will be asked for a password

Access: Name and email

The third level of access is name and email

Note on Feedback: If you set name and email as a requirement to use the app then this information will be associated with any feedback you get from the user




In activate click activate and you app will be available to all

Joi will generate a QR code that you can use to give your audience direct access to the app ( they do need to install Joi Events from the app store )



You are now ready to share details on accessing the app

  • Email or promote the details to attendees
  • Copy and display the QR code

Navigate to comms

In the top left of the Event App window switch from app to comms for access to push notification, evaluation forms and responses 


Push Notification

Create and schedule push notificationd for your event in advance using the schedule or send instantly.

Add links to notifications

  • link to evaluation forms to remind people to complete
  • link to promotional materials


Push Notifications

Once pushed the notification will alert anyone using the app

Evaluation forms

Create evaluation forms and either schedule to appear at specific times or push manually

Question formats

  • Free text
  • radio button
  • check box
  • submit file link
  • star rating



Evaluation forms

App users will see the alert that an evaluation form is active then complete and submit


Submitted resonses to evalatuion forms can be viewed and exported to csv

The responses can be reviewed at any time, even after the event has been closed and archived


app management

Remove apps from homescreen

You can manage the apps you see on homescreen and remove them once done

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