Planning Tools

A sweet suite of joyous tools to make your job easier


You want simple and most event apps give you complex [with a big  price tag] 

Top four reasons why people use event apps

  1. For the program or agenda [which you can personalise]
  2. For general event info
  3. For notifications
  4. For feedback

Joi gives you all this and more in a great looking app that you can style the way you want. Just like the microsite, updates are easy

No fuss…and no extra cost

The Joi Event App is easier to create than a printed program so the question is not should I have an event app? It’s more like, why wouldn’t I have an event app


Budget with accuracy and confidence

Every event prof knows event budget management is critical because it’s easy to lose money. Chances are you are using spreadsheets. Human error can cost you dearly. 

Until Joi there was no real choice. 

Design specifically for events, Joi budget removes the errors and gives you the oversight you need

And for those that have looked for a solution before….. yes, Joi does have a second multiplier so you can calculate costs and revenue on quantity and duration 

Start budgeting in Joi so you can:

  • Manage Revenue, costs and cash flow across all your events with fabulous reports
  • Send Budget proposals to clients with auto version control [no mix ups]
  • Manage quotes and build a library of vendors
  • Manage multi currency, tax, discount, fees and commissions without sweating over a calculator
  • ..never again have the fear of a spreadsheet error

Three very big reasons to use Joi for your program

  1. The perfect program

    Creating the perfect program is an art. Braining storming should be enhanced, not inhibited by the tools you use. Joi program builder is the next level in collaboration and ease of use so you can concentrate on content and flow rather than stuffing around with spreadsheets

  2. Save a massive amount of time with one source of truth

    Your Microsites, event apps, and delivery schedules are all created from the one program. Update the program and you can update everything else with a click. Feel the stress lift and get time back in your planning day

  3. Harmony

    The program team and planning team can finally work in harmony..effortlessly Gone will be the days chasing updates or putting out fires because changes didn’t get passed on. Hello stress free smiles [cue serene music] 


Deliver fabulous events with confidence and flair

When you have the right tools you can be bolder in your ambitions with the confidence you can pull off any event

Joi is that tool

Get the team together

No restrictive licenses, you can collaborate with whoever you need to plan the event and share real time information

Plough through the tasks

Set dates, give responsibility.. all with the comfort of knowing automated emails will keep everyone on track

Get all that ‘stuff’ you need ready for the event

Opening videos, awards, signs, a first aid kit.. You need stuff to deliver your event. We call this Assets, and we have made it so much easier to manage the ‘stuff’

Schedule everything that needs to get done on the day

Events have a whole lot of moving parts. Venues, vendors, Performers.. All need to know where to be and when.. and what to do once they are there!. The Joi onsite schedule builder will move you into the pro league of planners, and everyone you work with will thank you for it.


The x features of the Joi event App

You can create multiple apps for the one event!

Want a VIP App?
An App for Group A and Group B
App by department

No issue - create as many apps as you need for the one event

Start planning events for free.

Access all the features in Joi for 7 days, then decide which plan suits you.

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