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There's no program builder more versatile or easier to use than Joi.

Take away the pain of spreadsheets and build better programs in Joi. Adding rooms and locations, creating sessions, adjusting timings and rearranging can all be done in seconds.

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All the pieces in one place

Not only can you input all the details that you'll share with attendees, you can also input all the information you need to run the event — like presentations, speaker requirements and notes for the speaker brief.

Published program

Publish a beautiful program wherever you want

Cut out hours of work by simply embedding your program into your registration site, marketing website and event app. Make changes in Joi and you can update all these locations with one click.

Alternatively you can simply send attendees a URL!

However you want to present your program, you can do it from Joi.

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from building a beautiful event program that you can present and share!

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