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The best decision you can make when planning an event: Build your program in Joi from the very start

If you build your master program in spreadsheets or documents you are setting yourself up for unnecessary work. Manipulating the information is slow, and replicating the program for logistics, websites and apps is invariably manual. Keeping everyone on the same page is time consuming

Build your program in Joi and these pain points disappear

It’s quicker to build a program in Joi than a spreadsheet

You can make adjustments in seconds

And the program is the one source of truth, feeding directly into your website and onsite schedules so no manual transfers of information or sending new versions. Everyone is on the same page


It’s the little things that make a big difference

Days with dates

When planning events the day is as important and the date. You need to know if it is a Sunday or a Monday. Select a date in Joi and it will show the day.

Build by location

Events invariably take place in multiple locations. Even if it's just the reception area and the main room. Joi allows you to build your program by location so in planning you can work out how many locations you need and in delivery everyone knows what's happening and where; Audience and delivery team.

Drag and drop sessions

As far as we know Joi is the only program builder that allows you to drag and drop sessions across time, days or locations making adjustments quick and easy

Auto time calculation

How many hours have been spent by event planners stuffing around with times in spreadsheets: In Joi, if you adjust the start time and or the session duration all times will instantly recalculate for the day


Collecting information

When putting together a program there is always a lot of information chasing. Joi has made this easier

Webforms to collect information

When you want performer, sponsor or exhibitor details you can send them a link to a webform. They fill in their information and submit. This information will appear instantly in Joi

The same applies for session titles and descriptions.

The management tables let you see exactly who has submitted and who is outstanding

Saving Information

If you have regular performers, sponsors, or exhibitor you can save their profile information to your account and then add to your events with a click.


Publishing your Program

Build your program in Joi and you can publish directly to the internet

You have the options to create your entire microsite or publish individual pages, such as program or performers

You can share these pages as URL’s or embed into your existing website

Managing Changes

There are always changes, and managing those changes is fast and simple with Joi, Update the program, go to your publish and click update. Job done

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