The only budget software created for the event industry


The best decision you can make is to use the only budget software specifically designed for event planners 

Managing the budget is a key event planning skill. You need to know your revenue and costs to the dollar at all times, and you need to forecast cash flow

The unique budget features of Joi for event planning

At account level

Consolidated view of revenue, costs and cash flow across all events in your account

At event level

  1. Separate pages for revenue and costs
  2. Summary page showing revenue, costs split into estimate, quote and actual as well as cash flow
  3. Quote submissions via webform
  4. Multi currency
  5. Manage Tax, fees and markups
  6. 2nd multiplier: quantity  x cost x recurrence ie One event manager at a cost of 1,000.00 for 3 days = 3,000.00

Manage Access

Budgets are sensitive and confidential

You need to be confident only the right people have access

Joi has made budget access very specific

Access to event budgets

Only the event owner account administrator and specific invited workforce members can access

Access to Account Budget

At account level you get a consolidated view of revenue, costs and cash flow across all your events. This view can only be seen by the administrators on your account


Manage quotes and build a library of vendors

Send quote requests to vendors and receive submissions via a webform

Review quotes in the table automatically created: Accept or decline

Link accepted quotes to your cost page 

Resend webform for updated and receive notifications for changes

All quotes are saved to your account for future reference


For Event Professionals: Share budgets with your clients

Event budgets have to be accurate. Mistakes can cost

In Joi you can create and share a revenue page with your clients

Linked data ensures no mistakes

Collect quotes via webforms and link to costs and revenue. Get notifications on changes

No missed cells

No spreadsheet errors, everything in the budget is accounted for

Version Control

Everytime to share a budget Joi created a time stamped version. It is impossible to have version mix ups

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