Finally... an event app for any and all events


Before Joi, event apps were expensive, so you only considered them for big events. Not any more...

Rethink how you use event apps

Never print a program or agenda again

Even on small events it is easier to share the Joi event app than print out a program.

Getting Feedback or Evaluation forms

No more printing and transcribing paper evaluation forms or surveys. Use the Joi event app to instantly collect, reference and download collated feedback.

Message the attendees

Such a simple thing that makes the life of the event manager so much easier. Through push notifications, you can welcome people, tell them when sessions are about to start - even tell them when the bus is arriving.

Self check in

On small events, attendance is often done in a spreadsheet (or a printed list on a clipboard). Use the Joi event app with access via name and email and you can get your attendees to self check in so you have a permanent digital record that you can export. 


If nothing else get the program in their hands

One Program for All

Quicker and cheaper than a printed program, use the App to get the program into the hands of your attendees

A program for different groups

Because you can create multiple Event Apps for each event  you can share a different view of the program for different groups

For an incentive you may create a separate App for Group A and Group B

For a conference you may create a separate App for the  VIP program or Member category specific program

And with that comes the ability to message and get feedback for those specific groups 


Access Control

You can control how easy it is to access your event app

Access for All

If you want anyone and everyone to have easy access use the QR code or Event App name: 

With the QR code your attendees can scan and go straight to the app

With the Event App name your attendees can install the App then enter the name and they are in

Limit Access

If you want your app to be private then simple set a password

Get Attendee details

If you want to know who exactly is in your App then set the login requirement as name and email. This means you will know who is in the App and who gave you feedback


Push notifications

Easy comms with your attendees

One of the best things about an App is the easy communication with all your attendees. As the organiser it gives you so much more control

Make them feel good…

Send welcome messages

Thank them for their participation

Celebrate with them


Tell them…

When things are happening

When sessions are about to start

and most importantly... Where and when they can get lunch!


Evaluation forms

The easier it is, the more chance they will do it

The Joi event app cannot make people complete an evaluation form, but it can increase the likelihood they will as it is so easy to do. Plus you will not be stuck with a big pile of paper you have to transcribe into a spreadsheet - The answers to questions are beautifully compiled and sit with the event forever 

Feedback fun

You can create as many eval forms as you like, rate every session, get people’s ideas and opinion, anything you want. Make it fun and they will play

Tick the box

Some events, like OHS training, you need the formal evaluation. You can set access by name and email then have a permanent record of attendance and outcome through the evaluation form

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