On Site Schedules

Plan and deliver — take your scheduling to the next level

On Site Schedules screenshot

Get ahead of the game

Joi automatically creates a schedule for every room or location in your program.

Need more schedules? Create as many as you need — for the speaker prep room, the event office, bus transfers... whatever your event requires.

Manage activity

Get organised

Add the activities you need to set up, run and pack down the event.

Activities are more than a line in a spreadsheet — you can add detailed instructions and include links to documents.

Add labels for easy sorting and filtering, then tag people in your workforce or performers and activities will appear in their personal schedules.

Powerful. Productive. Joi.

On Site Schedules on mobile

Mobile friendly

View the on site schedule in timeline view on mobile and you can see exactly what you need to do and when while on site.

You’re minutes away

from building a beautiful event program that you can present and share!

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