Streamline the management of speakers and performers


Take away the headache of managing speakers and performers — use Joi!

Simple to add and simple to manage: Joi’s unique features mean there's no performer login required.

Add a performer or speaker to a session and they automatically appear in the Performers module!

Performer bio

Don’t waste anyone’s time.

Send speakers or their assistants a unique URL to upload their details straight into Joi. No fuss, no double handling — they don't even need to log in!

You can also do the same with presentations.

Performer brief

What speakers want

Send speakers and performers their brief as a URL — it opens beautifully on mobile and gives them all the information they need.

The brief includes their personalised on site schedule showing their sessions as well as any activities you've tagged them in.

Because the brief is online, any changes are pushed immediately: one version, never out of date.

You’re minutes away

from building a beautiful event program that you can present and share!

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