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Create and assign tasks

Create and assign tasks

Share the Joi! Delegate and collaborate with ease. Create a task and assign it to a member of your workforce, then add as much detail as you need:

  • Due date
  • Sub-tasks
  • Additional information
  • Assign a task related to a specific program
  • Set visibility on a 'need-to-know' basis
In-task chat

In-task chat

Jump right into the chat window in a task and keep the comms in Joi (and out of email).

Chat with workforce members you have assigned a task to.

Sort and view options

Sort and view options

Utilise the power of labels to keep your tasks organised, then view as a list or calendar.

You can view your tasks:

  • Sorted by label
  • Sort by date
  • Sort manually (drag and drop)
  • In a calendar
Once tasks are complete, you can hide them!

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