Get the most out of your trial with these 6 tips


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Have a program in mind

When you create an event in Joi you will go straight into the program builder.
Make sure you have an old program or a program in mind to build.

Collaborate with someone in workforce

Have someone in mind to invite to the workforce. Once they have accepted the invite and have logged into Joi you can collaborate on the event. Watch their changes appear in real-time.

Have a budget handy

Play with revenue and costs then see your margin in the summary tab. Once you have entered some numbers go to the homepage/budget and see a summary that covers all of your events.

Click everywhere

There are loads of features at your fingertips. To find them all you have to do is click. Don’t be shy, click everything and you will soon be a master of Joi.

Conquer new software phobia [does this work?]

Like going into a shopping center, you can feel a little lost the first time you go into Joi. But you will learn where everything is quick. On your next visit, you will know exactly where to go. ‘Lost’ will turn to ‘familiar’ and then you will be flying.


Use the chat feature to ask any questions or feel free to go to the website and book a demo: one of our experts will happily talk you through the features of Joi.