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Why Joi?

Planning and managing events involves hundreds of 2 minute tasks. Joi's smart agendas and schedules eliminates many of those, saving you a huge amount of time. In tests, tasks that took 126 hours using old methods took just 20 hours using Joi.

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Smart programs

Smart agenda

The core of Joi is our powerful and intuitive smart agenda builder. Plan an event with any configuration by dragging & dropping sessions. Reconfigure and times automatically recalculate!

Manage presenters, publish and share event timelines and invite people to your workforce to collaborate.

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Smart schedules

Smart schedules

The smart schedule is synced to the agenda, allowing you to build and share schedules for presenters, VIP’s, set up and pack down, cue sheets, media, transport… in fact any activity required for the delivery of the event!

If your program changes it automatically updates the schedules — so everyone always has the latest information.

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Collaboration & integration

Designed to work alongside registration systems, Joi enables collaboration with all parties in the planning and delivery of an event.

Joi works beautifully on mobile… so no need to print show books. Save the trees!

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“Being able to have all my events in one place and work on them seamlessly with my team is truly a game changer. If you run 1 event or 100 events — you need to be using Joi.”

Trish Patel
Group Brand + CX Manager APAC, Comexposium

“I’m LOVING Joi! It really is a great piece of software! Very easy to use and very intuitive.”

Annie de Senna
de Senna Productions

“Finally a software that reduces the double handling of event information between colleagues, customers and suppliers.”

Jacqui Diamond
Events Manager, Mathematical Association of Victoria

“For the first time ever I had no printed schedules to deliver a 2 day conference, all the information the team and I needed was accessible via our phones. And when weather delayed flights meant we had to make program changes, we did it in minutes. All thanks to Joi!”

Janelle Fisk
Event Director, Anderson Event Consulting

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