Getting started with Joi

Learn the ropes in this quick overview of the key features

Getting started with Joi

Joi lets you work the way you want — but for your first event you may need a little help.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

Event Information

Add all the information you want to share with the team.


Invite your team to the event.


Create a critical path using tasks, then start fleshing out the detail and allocating responsibility.


Build your program or agenda.

Start at the beginning

An overview of your event goes into Event information — audience size and profile, objectives, the background to the event, plus assets like PowerPoint templates and event branding. All in one spot so you can share it with the event team.

Event Information

You can create as many sections and items as needed.

Get the team together

Invite the people you are going to be working with to your Workforce.


This could be your internal team — or suppliers and contractors.

Workforce Invitation

Set your permissions so they have access to only what you want.

Collaboration has never been so easy!

Get planning

You and the rest of the team can now start entering everything you need to do in Tasks.


Task tip: enter the critical dates first then add all the tasks you need to do to make sure you hit the critical dates.

Stay on track

Joi notifies you when you're made responsible for a task and will send you a reminder the day before it’s due.

Stay productive

Use Joi in your progress meetings and update tasks and event details in real time. Eliminate the double handling of information

Build out your program or agenda

You have just tripled your productivity — when you build your program in Joi you are doing 3 jobs at the same time:

  1. Creating beautiful program to share with attendees

    Firstly, you're building out the program to share with your attendees. You can embed this into your registration site and event app with a couple of clicks — no tech knowledge required.

  2. Managing your speakers/performers

    Secondly, add a speaker to a session and they'll appear in the performers list where you can manage profiles, presentations and send the speaker brief with all session details populated from the program.

  3. Collating the information you need to get the job done

    Thirdly, you are also building out the information you need to share with the on site team — like the venue and AV. Put in equipment lists, stage notes, floor plans, presentations… everything they need to get the job done, all accessible from the on site schedule.

Program Builder

Handling changes has never been so easy

A change to the program? No problem. Make the change and update your website and event app with a couple of clicks. Speaker briefs and on site schedules are updated in real time.

Phase Two: Delivery

This is where you sort out everything that is going to happen on site and make sure everyone has all the information they need, when they need it.

On Site Schedule

Work out who does what on event day in the On Site Schedule.


Send speaker briefs with schedules from the Performers module.

Facilitator Notes

Start the scripting if you have a facilitator or MC in Facilitator Notes.

And then… check out Joi on mobile — it's fabulous!

Joi dashboard on mobile

What happens — and when

Another job done without realizing it: when you go into on site schedule you'll see a schedule has been automatically created for each room/location.

On Site Schedule

You can now — with your team — start adding all the activities you need to do on site.

Scheduling tip: tag people and groups to activities so everyone has their own personalised schedule.

On Site Schedule - timeline view

Switch over to timeline and the on site schedule displays in an easy-to-read timeline view. All the information you've put into programs and sessions can be easily accessed from here — on desktop or mobile!

Look after your speakers and performers

Add speakers to sessions and they appear in the Performers module.


From here you can send your speakers their briefs containing everything they need — including a schedule that collates the sessions they're on and any activities you've tagged them in.

Performer Brief

Because you send the brief as a link instead of a PDF or document, it updates automatically. That means if there are any changes made in Joi, your speakers always have the most up-to-date version of the brief.

No more scrambling to get information together for your facilitators or MCs

All the information you need for your facilitator or MC is already compiled in Facilitator Notes: session details and speaker profiles — including bios! All you have to do is put in the notes, so they don’t miss anything.

Facilitator Notes

...and of course, it works beautifully on mobile!

Another job well done!

Once the event is over you can archive all the information with a couple of clicks.

Close event

Doing a similar event again? When the event is closed you can still see all the information. If you have a similar event in the future simply duplicate the event and you instantly get a complete copy with your new dates.

Productivity Plus

Use Joi and you instantly become more productive — in fact, 70% more productive!

 Joi dashboard

Eliminate the mundane repetition of information and concentrate on what really matters with Joi.

Start planning events for free.

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